How to Become a Green Software Translator?

Welcome, if you want to become a green software translator!
We want to spread the message of green software across the world. Right now, the Green Software Foundation website has some content available in the following languages:

We also have people interested in Italian, German and other language translations.

But this is not enough. We have a long way to go. We want more articles translated into many more languages so that we can spread the message of green software around the world.

If you are from a country where Computer Science and Software Engineering subjects are taught in any language other than English, then you need translations for green software.

What languages do you want to translate to?
We are open to any language translations you want to do. After all, to spread the message of green software, its not just the software engineers and developers we want to talk to. Its to the decision makers at every level within organisations who have a say in how things are done and whether or not green software principles can be adopted and implemented within a business or organisation.

Interested GSF members can join and talk to us on the #proj-writers-translations channel on GSF Slack.

Becoming a green software translator enhances your professional credibility
When your translations are posted, your name and the name of the person who checks the articles for accuracy will be added to the article, together with LinkedIn profiles, social channels and website or blog.

You can find more information in this post on Green Software Writers.

Fire away your questions. I hope I am inundated with questions and volunteers. :upside_down_face:

Can we please have the list of all languages that we intend to translate to, listed somewhere ?

No such list really. If you feel we should translate to Hindi, say or Telugu or Tamil, we can.

We originally intended to translate to languages where the computer science is taught primarily in non-English mediums. But these days coders are becoming self made and so any language is okay, as long as there is an audience. If people feel more comfortable reading in some thing other than English, so be it.