What Happens in the SCI Open Ontology Project

One of the key first step in Software Carbon Intensity specification is defining the software boundary and the same time, this is an interesting problem to solve where we can help enterprises define the software boundary of the SCI application in a unified way.

The SCI Ontology project aims to provide a common terminology to define the software boundary of the SCI application in a unified way.

Once the common terminology and software boundary is defined, it can used to
to calculate SCI score of the application components based on its dependency
graph, visualisation, inferring changes between versions of SCI
applications, comparison of two SCI enabled applications or any standardisation

The project is broken down into several milestones. In each milestone, we would accomplish a specific goal which would help realise the larger vision of the SCI ontology project. The first milestone is creating the SCI ontology, followed by creating the SDK which can be used for instantiating the SCI ontology. Once the SDK is completed, we move on to advance topics around storage, reporting, versioning and comparison of SCI enabled applications.

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Navveen, How far are you into completing the first milestone, the SCI ontology?
And how are you working on it (as a project)?
Does one have to belong to the Green Software Foundation to contribute or collaborate? Can individuals outside of the GSF get involved?