What is the Green Software Writers Project?

Green Software Writers Project is part of the Community Working Group of the Green Software Foundation.

We work on curating and creating written articles on the main GSF website and other important tech publications. We work on interviews, thought pieces, summaries from other GSF projects, articles regarding new members, and various other announcements. We launched a monthly newsletter in Jan 2022.

We are also translating GSF content into various languages to spread the message of green software around the world. Our teams have translated GSF content into Mandarin, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish.

Want to become a Green Software Writer? Have any questions regarding that? Here’s your opportunity.

GSF Writer’s Guide will help you understand the themes, types of articles and other info to get you started.

GSF Writer’s Checklist explains the process and steps you take to write and get your article published in the GSF website.

Feel free to get in touch on Slack or by email